Partners in Cosplay – TheOASG

Partners in Cosplay – TheOASG

Partners in Cosplay

Due to the pandemic last year, Halloween parties and fall cons were minimal or completely MIA. But all the events that were skipped or minimalized last year are coming back, although with restrictions and rules.

So in honor of the fact we spent 2020 either being closer to your family than ever or being forced to see your loved ones, let’s make this year’s Halloween costume post about duos — in other words, costumes representing the same series. It’s similar to the matching theme of my Valentine’s 2020 post, but this time, I tried to include more of a mix besides the typical his-and-hers pairs. I’ve also added some info for groups of three or more members.

Note that sizing appears to be very limited right now, but keep checking for restocks. Also, at several stores, different sizes can be cheaper or more expensive. Price listed is MSRP because of this.

While official Pikachu costumes and/or clothing can be found everywhere, not too many places carry an Ash costume. You can expand your group cosplay with other Pokémon costumes like all these kids options from Party City or a Poke Ball from Oriental Trading Company.

Shipping is free on orders $35+ or with Walmart+ or choose free in-store pickup if available.

Youth can dress up as this future father and son ninja team. A Sasuke costume is also available along with some other children’s accessories. But for added fun, how about a baby Kakashi onesie from BoxLunch?

Shipping starts at $4.99.

Feel magical in these outfits from Fairy Tail. Both come with several accessories and/or accents, including temporary tattoos.

Shipping starts at $4.99.

Douse and chastise your enemies as the first two Guardian allies of Sailor Moon’s. Unfortunately, Sailor Moon herself is currently backordered and Jupiter and Venus aren’t an option, but Tuxedo Mask and the cats are available. Some sizes are on sale for $5-10 off.

Shipping starts at $4.99.

Represent two rivals of the popular volleyball series with these costumes, which include the shirt and shorts. Spirit Halloween also has a set for Kitagawa Daiichi, but stock is limited.

Shipping is free on $60+ or choose free in-store pickup.

The Power Rangers franchise opens up a lot of options for various duos, from teammates to romantic partners to successors. And to match, there are costumes for a variety of ages, and this is but just one example. But due to stocking issues at individual stores and the manufacturer, depending on which pair and size you are looking for, you may have to do some shopping around at Amazon, Walmart, and more.

Shipping starts at $4.99.

Spirit Halloween also has Eren, Mikasa, and generic Attack on Titan costumes available for a lot less than’s exclusive ones, but the deluxe options includes the capes and more.

Shipping starts at $4.99.

Are you dressing up for Halloween or fall cons this year? Are you coordinating with anyone for cosplay purposes? Or have you ever?

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