Netflix “Swap Shop” Proves That One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s… Trash That Can Be Profited From

A new unscripted reality series called “Swap Shop” is headed to Netflix next month and Noel Edmonds is nowhere to be seen. The show is set in rural Tennessee and follows a group of people who use a local radio station in order to find things to buy, trade and swap various things that people have on offer. Whether it’s cars, comics or creepy clown statues this group will take you on their journey with them. Some of the items will be renovated and sold for profit but some are just fun collectibles.

Season 1 arrives on Netflix on November 9th and the trailer also mentions Season 2 – although no date is given for that yet.

SWAP SHOP (L to R) John and Leo in SWAP SHOP. Cr. Netflix @ 2021

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