TheOASG Podcast Episode 135: Isekai World Domination?

TheOASG Podcast Episode 135: Isekai World Domination?

It's Not My Fault TheOASG Podcast is Not Popular!

Show Notes

0:00: Justin and Helen somehow talk about what they’ve been up to. We say somehow as Helen did not record using her laptop this week! Aside from her janky setup she does talk about what she’s been up to, such as finishing Season 1 of Love Live! Superstar!! and catching up to Blue Period. Meanwhile Justin talks about the newest Shonen Jump manga he’s caught up to, Blue Box. This ends up leading to the two hosts talking about cancelled series because of it.


14:28: The two then talk about Penguin Random House…maybe not acquiring Simon & Schuster after all! The Justice Department filed an lawsuit on this, so we’ll see how that’ll goes.

17:30: The Dirty Pair dub ended up meeting all of its Kickstarter goals…so yeah, definitely was a successful campaign!

18:20: Tencent has acquired a 6.8% stake in Kadokawa! Which would normally sound alarms…but with that amount put into it, it’s hard to worry about this partnership just yet.

Anime Industry Talk

19:24: A bunch of anime industry discussion has happened over the past few weeks, most of them happening over seminars, such as TIFFCOM. Kadokawa had a few of their executives discuss their business strategy and isekai, and they cited a few shows that they believed had successful marketing due to their simultaneous global push with partnerships (Combatants Will Be Dispatched! & So I’m a Spider, So What?). They also noted how their media mix strategy hasn’t really taken off overseas, and Justin brings up a few examples of it not working, but examples of it working (The Detective is Already Dead, Seirei Gensouki (not a Kadokawa title), The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat).

28:43: On the topic of overseas collaboration, there was another seminar involving anime producers Nao Hirasawa (Arch Inc. CEO, Graphinica representative director) and Akira Takayama (Fanworks CEO) that was pretty informative and worth reading. During this part though Helen found out what happens when you have no choice but to record on your phone (30:16).

31:42: And to wrap up the anime industry talk, the two hosts talk about the state of the anime industry from last year, where it was Demon Slayer…and then there’s everything else. The article also goes into overseas collaboration, which includes updated Chinese regulations impacting what gets made, and what companies are attempting to get anime for their service — see AppleTV+ for an example. But this also makes you wonder where all the money’s going and how sustainable this all is.


37:25: Manga brothers Sanpei Shirato (real name Noboru Okamoto) and Tetsuji Okamoto passed away of pneunomia four days apart. They both worked together on The Legend of Kamui.


38:35: So many licenses happened that Justin even forgot to include the ones Seven Seas announces every Wednesday (so you have live script adjustments in progress!!!) But Helen did the honor of announcing what Comikey will now have on their comic service:

  • Shin Araki, Koara Kishida, & Haruyuki Morisawa’s Hero Classroom
  • Koume Fujichika’s The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses
  • Miyuki Tonogaya’s The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague
  • Chuugaku Akamatsu & Mioko Ohnishi’s Fenrir
  • Makoto Kudo’s My Awkward Senpai
  • Yasuka Manuma’s My First Times with Suwa-san
  • Ayumu Hirose’s Your Tears are Mine
  • Junko Ike’s Together Forever
  • Shirosawa’s Mizuki-senpai’s Love Fortune-Telling
  • Kei Ohkubo’s Arte

45:47: Seven Seas did as usual have their (apparently) perpetual announcements on Wednesday:

  • The light novel and manga version of Honobonoru500’s The Weakest Tamer Began a Journey to Pick Up Trash
  • LINK, SAVAN, & Okada Andou’s World’s End Harem: Fantasia Academy (Ghost Ship)
  • Hilnama’s I’m a Terminal Cancer Patient, but I’m Fine.
  • Tomohi’s Nightfall Travelers
  • Takashi Ikeda’s The Two of Them Are Pretty Much Like This
  • Ikkado Itoh’s I’m Not Meat: Get Your Filthy Paws Off Me! (Ghost Ship)

48:53: futekiya finally revealed the futekiya Fes (their online con in August) announcements, which breaks down to: 

  • Five Tomomi Sakana manga
  • Four Ren Tamaki and Haruka Minami manga
  • Three Kou Fujisaki manga
  • Two Momoko Tenzen and Hashigo Sakurabi manga
  • One Hatoko Machiya’s Ii Kankei de Komatteru

One of them was Hashigo Sakurabi’s Dakaretai Otoko No.1 ni Odosareteimasu. This title has an anime, but neither the PR nor the name would explain that. But if you have heard of the anime name (DAKAICHI -I’m being harassed by the sexiest man of the year-), then you’d understand why Justin is dazed and confused.

51:35: Graphic Audio will be releasing audiobooks of Hideyuki Kikuchi and Yoshitaka Amano’s Vampire Hunter D; Miri Mikawa, YozoranoUdon, & Aki’s Sugar Apple Fairy Tale is being simulpubbed by Yen Press.

Streaming News

52:42: Utena is now finally streaming on Crunchyroll, which brings Justin back to when he remembered this was on TV at least 17-20 years ago.

53:38: GKIDS will have Belle and Pompo premiering at Anime NYC, but Justin’s not sure if he’ll be able to see them just yet…

54:35: Helen once again has to go another month with RetroCrush announcing titles not called Story of Saiunkoku:

  • Shrine of the Morning MistThis got released November 5, as Ryoko’s Case Files got delayed.
  • Zetman (November 12)
  • Lupin III: Alcatraz Connection, Lupin III: Operation Return the Treasure, Lupin III: The Elusive Mist, Lupin III: the Last Job (November 24)
Weird News

55:57: There was an arson threat that forced the Dropkick on My Devil event in Japan to be cancelled because of it; English singer-songwriter Elvis Costello recommended people watch Eizouken; and at Helen’s questioning, Justin finally got off his butt and brought back the beep button for an isekai that involves being reincarnated as a p*ssy (yes, NSFW). Somehow, finding out there’s an all-ages web manga for Touou’s Renai Bitch Zukan ~Azato Kawaii OL ga Dasa Kare ni Koi Shitara~ might actually be the weirder news in this case…

Feel free to send questions or any comments you might have about this week’s episode in the comments section below or to contact at theoasg dot com!

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