TheOASG Podcast Episode 137: Think That’s Gonna Have To Be a Wrap!

TheOASG Podcast Episode 137: Think That’s Gonna Have To Be a Wrap!

It's Not My Fault TheOASG Podcast is Not Popular!

Show Notes

0:00: Hosts Justin and Helen attempt to chat about everything they’ve been up to, but just in a tired state (Justin’s big excuse: podcasting after work. Helen’s big excuse: work & cosplay work). So expect quick thoughts on Part 6 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure before moving onto what the hosts are sure no one actually talked about in person or on the internet.

Pandemic News

10:41: Yes, pandemic news section has returned! That’s mainly because so far in the anime world there’s been no COVID-19 news. Well, unless you found yourself at a retreat with no phones or internet, someone getting the new COVID-19 variant Omicron at Anime NYC is very much news. And in this case, Justin went to the convention. So yes the two hosts talk about the convention dealing with something they hoped to avoid, but didn’t.


18:38: Justin and Helen discuss the news that Dark Horse could potentially be sold, and how much this would impact the industry.


21:27: After Kodansha teased a bit to check on Twitter for any potential news for Tokyo Revengers in print (which at the time Justin mused it was typical deflection), Tokyo Revengers will be released in print…by Seven Seas! Needless to say, it could actually stand as the biggest manga announcement of the year, not just because of the title, but what this says about Kodansha (and some of their digital-only titles) and how rare this type of situation actually happens in the industry.

29:10: Seven Seas also had a few more announcements:

  • Yuama’s The Summer You Were There
  • Tomonori Inoue’s Candy & Cigarettes
  • PANDANIA’s Yokai Cats

30:47: TOKYOPOP licensed two more titles for their LOVE x LOVE imprint, Tsuchida Haru’s Puppy Love and Koruko Miyama’s Tomorrow, Make Me Yours; Ascendant Animation licensed both seasons of the Fire in His Fingertips anime.

Streaming News

33:20: HIDIVE is now streaming a lot more Lupin III; Helen is confused at the Stand By Me Doraemon 2 film streaming on Netflix this month, but they are (they’re also removing both versions of FMA this month too!); Two OVAs can now be streamed on Crunchyroll; and RetroCrush will add the following titles to their service:

  • Ninja Scroll: The Series (12/3)
  • Saiyuki Reload (12/10)
  • Ninja Senshi Tobikage (12/17)
  • Magical Emi, the Magic Star & Magical Emi: Semishigure (12/22)
Weird News

36:11: There’s a dating site called MaiOtaku, which might not be a big deal except information from people who attended certain conventions run by animecon dot org are allegedly being used on it without their consent. Not at all great!

39:30: The Hololive and China issue is still ongoing, in case Momosuzu Nene getting removed from episodes of The World’s Finest Assassin does not count as China still having an issue with Hololive. Justin and Helen discuss this situation.

42:13: Blue Period had to be delayed on Netflix outside Japan…but it’s bizarre in that there was no delay on the Japanese version, and both hosts are wondering why.

45:56: The Vampire Dies in No Time’s physical release in Japan is getting delayed…due to too many pre-orders! Interesting and maybe kind of rare.

46:52: Apparently some conglomerate in Japan put up hot anime guys holding an apple posters that turned out to have had too much impact in some stores. Justin and Helen speculate as to how much impact!

49:39: Pokemon Go did a collaboration with Ed Sheeran back in November, so yes, still is something to be surprised by despite how popular Pokemon is!

50:56: Anime and politics is back at it again! This time, for the Honduras presidential election, Light Yagami is being used to encourage people to vote.

52:04: And for the final bit of weird news, we have Condom Battler Goro. We have a character that looks like Ash from Pokemon. And the trailers are glorious.

Feel free to send questions or any comments you might have about this week’s episode in the comments section below or to contact at theoasg dot com!

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