Exclusive: Manga Preview of Shuichi Shigeno’s MF Ghost

Exclusive: Manga Preview of Shuichi Shigeno’s MF Ghost

ComiXology Originals and Kodansha announced exclusively on Anime News Network that Shuichi Shigeno’s MF Ghost (volumes 1-10), the sequel to Initial D, has been licensed and will be available to read starting tomorrow, January 11. But before its release on Tuesday, feel free to check out a few sample pages exclusively on TheOASG today!


The best-selling MF Ghost takes place in the 2020s, where self-driving electric cars have replaced internal combustion ones. However, in Japan, there is a large organization called MFG, founded by Ryosuke Takahashi (from the Initial D series), that conducts street races with internal combustion cars. There’s a new rookie on the scene, Kanata Livington who competes under the pseudonym Kanata Katagiri. Kanata has been trained by legendary racer Takumi Fujiwara (protagonist from the Initial D series) at the Royal Donington Racing School in the UK and is a Formula 4 world champion. He has only one motive: to find his long-lost father. But first he must take on a 19-year-old Japanese-British racer, who has shown up on the scene driving a Toyota 86 and is beating top-tier European cars.

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