A Risqué Valentine’s Day – TheOASG

A Risqué Valentine’s Day – TheOASG

A Risqué Valentine's Day

You never have to search very heard on your favorite anime streaming site to find a series with fanservice. Combine that with Valentine’s Day, billed as the most romantic day of the year, and you get some suggestive merchandise as seen below!

But while these items may be risqué, they are also risky because if you don’t know for sure your partner will absolutely love them, well, then good luck explaining your way out of that hole you dug yourself into…Not to mention the looks and comments you are bound to get if you wear or use these out and about in public.

Just to be clear, all of these items are available from major retailers, and they’re not part of any adult-only sections. No anime or manga releases either.

Sleeping Faye Screenshot T Shirt – CBP – $24.99 at Spencer’s

Cowboy Bebop Faye Valentine T-shirt

How about a Valentine for Valentine’s? Almost any merchandise featuring the Cowboy Bebop character could probably make this list, but it’s the fact Faye is sleeping with her hands clearly bound behind her back that may raise a few more eyebrows.

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Naruto Sexy Jutsu T-Shirt – BoxLunch Exclusive – $28.90 at BoxLunch

Naruto Sexy Jutsu T-shirt

Rasengan? Chidori? Nah, the real powerhouse technique in Naruto is the titular character’s transformation into hot babes, one of which is seen on this shirt in a bikini.

Shipping is free on $60+.

Shiro and Steph No Game No Life Messenger Bag – $39.99 at Right Stuf

No Game No Life Steph & Shiro Messenger Bag

Two almost-naked human girls from No Game No Life as animals, one of which is an 11-year-old girl wearing just underwear with a pair of panties in her mouth. Enough said about this bag.

Shipping is free on $75+.

Kurumi Tokisaki Date A Live Body Pillow – $59.99 at Right Stuf

Kurumi Tokisaki Date A Live Body Pillow

A perfect example of both risqué and risky: a half-naked girl with a gun. But give this to the wrong anime fan, and it could be a toss-up as to whether this Date a Live image scene or your real life is the more dangerous situation!

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Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid – Lucoa Figure (Swimsuit Ver) – $209.99 at Crunchyroll Store

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid - Lucoa Figure (Swimsuit Ver)

This is one of three Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid characters in swimsuit figures, but Lucoa here is clearly not just going for a dip in the water.

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