Love at Fourteen Volume 11 Manga Review

Love at Fourteen Volume 11 Manga Review

Love at Fourteen Volume 11

The countdown has begun, both for Kazuki’s transfer and the end of the series. So that means this volume of Love at Fourteen brings in all the couples. But while Kazuki and Kanata get the most significant chapter of the volume (which is at the very end), it’s Aoi and Haijima who get the most pagetime.

I’ve always found it odd — if not outright disappointing — Love at Fourteen features very few student-student couples, and a volume like this really emphasizes that fact. Doi/Utsumi are only seen briefly in the New Year’s opening mini-arc, and Kato doesn’t show any signs of knowing the younger Toh has a crush on him even as she helps Kato plan a going-away party for Kazuki on the school ski trip. Instead, we see Shota talking to Akemi for the first time on the phone, Hinohara sending a bikini postcard of herself to Nagai, and Aoi panicking about Haijima.

As I said, those two are a major focus here in volume 11. Aoi notices she turns to the nurse a lot, even to the point of internally talking to her as one would pray to God. But Aoi is still very much crushing on Kanata and is surprised when Haijima is none-too-thrilled about Aoi trying to do “favors” like reporting Hinohara’s going on the trip or trying to stop Nagai from going. But that’s nothing to the shock of Haijima admitting she purposely brought Nagai and Hinohara together and that she has a dark, sadistic streak inside her.

Aoi doesn’t know how to act around the nurse now, and then it’s time for the ski outing. As in most manga, the field trip arc brings both drama and romance. In Kanata and Kazuki’s chapter, the story flashes back to reminding readers of their decision in volume 10 and how they are slowly approaching the physical side of a relationship. This involves the two of them researching and creating their own guide- and rulebook for progressing. It’s certainly refreshing to see teenagers not rushing into things and establishing mutual boundaries, but their “always ask for a hug” approach between teens of the same age seems rather at-odds with the the rest of the manga where several adults are flirting with 14-year-olds.

It is adorable to see the two of them blushing, and the scene where Kazuki admits stopping has been difficult is priceless. I wish we had more of them instead of spending those intermission chapters on Kato disappointed the surprise party didn’t go as planned and such. (Kato does do an impressive gloom slide though…) If you read the official summary of this volume, you’d expect Love at Fourteen volume 11 to focus on the main couple’s emotions. Instead, Aoi/Haijima are favored, but the story is otherwise divided among the various couples — and few romantic resolutions are in sight.

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