Checking In With Disney+ Anime, Sol Press, and Ayakashi Triangle

Checking In With Disney+ Anime, Sol Press, and Ayakashi Triangle

Checking In With Disney+ Anime, Sol Press, and Ayakashi Triangle

While I occasionally post silly and lighthearted content for this column, the majority feature retail and animanga industry topics. Today, it’s time to report on some additional developments for a few of those news stories.

Disney+ Plans More Content for Japanese Media Fans

A few months back, Disney highlighted its current and upcoming content originating from and catered toward the East Asian and Pacific regions. It was there that Disney revealed its first anime licenses (Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall, Summer Time Rendering, Tatami Time Machine Blues) as well as the fact the game Disney Twisted-Wonderland was getting adapted into an anime. Some J-dramas were included in that list, and another is soon going to be added: The Files of Young Kindaichi.

This series is part of a new alliance between Disney Japan and Nippon TV. According to Anime News Network, “The two companies will jointly develop various content for the global market such as live-action series, anime, and variety shows.” Nippon TV has been involved in many anime- and manga-related series over the years, including the Chihayafuru, Death Note, Detective Conan/Case Closed, Inuyasha, Lupin III, and My Hero Academia franchises. So there could be a lot of big names being developed and brought to Disney+ because of this deal.

Seven Seas Gets Ayakashi Triangle

Fans of Kentaro Yabuki’s Ayakashi Triangle were left confused and frustrated when two chapters of the manga were skipped by the MANGA Plus and VIZ Media. With little explanation or even advanced warning, there was the strong possibility the series was being dropped. However, the two services continued with chapter 76 and beyond.

Those who hoped Seven Seas would rescue the series are getting good news: the English publisher has licensed it and will get uncut releases. Seven Seas is only handling the volumes, so MANGA Plus and VIZ Media will continue to simulpub Ayakashi Triangle. So if you want to see what the big controversy surrounding chapters 74 and 75, well, you’ll have your chance starting with volume 1 in November.

This is probably the best way to resolve the situation. MANGA Plus and VIZ Media still get the initial buzz and hype from the weekly chapters, but they can avoid any extreme content if they so wish. And fans will still have the opportunity to go buy the uncut versions both in physical and digital formats later thanks to Seven Seas. That publisher doesn’t do simulpubs anyway, so even if fans wanted the manga wholly out of VIZ Media/MANGA Plus’ hands, they’d have to wait for and buy full volumes anyway. Yes, if you’re the type who only reads free titles, you unfortunately won’t ever experience those missing chapters. But it’s not that much different from uncensored or expanded versions of movies, enhanced or bonus content for games being bundled in a release at a later date, or normal bonus stories included in a collected manga volume.

Sol Press Fans Are Probably SOL

In my article about Sol Press, I reported fans may have some luck contacting user Tsmalls on Discord to request a refund. But as I said then, “I don’t know if that still works.” Well, Tsmalls posted on Sol Press’ Twitter account that refunds are mostly impossible right now.

But hey, maybe some of you are in the lucky 10%?

If you bought something from Sol Press, it’s certainly worth asking if you are eligible for your money back. Just don’t take it out on Tsmalls if you can’t. The CEO seems to have skipped out on Sol Press instead of declaring bankruptcy and formally closing the company, so for 90% of you, the chances of getting anything back are small. Again, your payment method may be able to help if you used them in the past 6 months (PayPal) or up to a year (certain credit cards). Beyond that, cross your fingers some legal entity manages to drag the company to court. Even then, you may not get any financial recourse.

It’s a good reminder that while Kickstarters have some awesome rewards and can help a product get released, it is a risk. Don’t spend money you can’t afford to lose, and try to stick to companies with a good track record. As for ordering and preordering, try to stick to places that don’t charge you in advance. Obviously, Sol Press is an example of the worst case scenario, but unfortunately, the worst case scenario happened here.

What do you think about Japanese shows being made available on Disney+? Are you looking forward to the uncut version of Ayakashi Triangle? Have any of you tried to recoup money from Sol Press?

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