Golden Japanesque: A Splendid Yokohama Romance Volume 5 Manga Review

Golden Japanesque: A Splendid Yokohama Romance Volume 5 Manga Review

Golden Japanesque: A Splendid Yokohama Romance Volume 5

Shakespeare said the course of true love never did run smooth. But while their relationship wasn’t ever going to be smooth sailing, there was no need here for Rintarou to push Maria out of the boat, turn it around, and then send Chiaki to go after her.

Ouch…just ouch.

Now, I doubt anyone who read the previous volume of Golden Japanesque: A Splendid Yokohama Romance predicted Rintarou and Maria would elope. Rintarou’s dad collapsed at the very end, and Maria’s mother had also figured out the plan. But while Maria’s mom pleasantly surprised me with her support of their running away, Rintarou surprised me in the complete opposite way. After learning about dad’s condition, why his mom pushed him to be engaged to someone else, and listening to Maria’s mom, he decides unilaterally to call off the plan. Maria doesn’t get a chance to respond…or even listen to his explanation. Because Rintarou never shows up; he does the bare minimum and sends Chiaki to tell her to go home.

Now, was Rintarou’s choice probably for the best? Yes. But even though we readers know his motives aren’t as cowardly or coldhearted as his actions initially appear, his plans still aren’t going to repair his stock with many readers.

Maria is understandably devastated when Chiaki delivers Rintarou’s short apology, and while Rintarou is staying away from her, Chiaki is not. He ends up inspiring Maria to continue improving her English, and while he’s always been confident, it’s hard not to root for Chiaki since he now has what once was one of the best parts of Golden Japanesque: a male love interest upfront with his feelings.

I know we think of plot armor more in action stories, that the hero is going to make it out okay outside of very rare stories. But Rintarou seems to be leaning on his own version of romantic plot armor. He doesn’t intend on seeing Maria or telling her anything until he’s well-grounded and to not keep her waiting, but at the same time, he’s confident he can win her heart again even if she’s with someone else. Rintarou is probably right, but if you need a reason to switch ships, letting your cousin telling your supposed fiancée the wedding is off is right up there.

Another reason to like Chiaki after his playboy ways is him bringing Maria to a place where Maria’s foreign blood doesn’t stand out. Maria has been struggling to accept herself with her decidedly Western looks, and it’s nice to see her embracing her background and taking her first steps to being a self-supporting lady. Perhaps that’s the true Yokohama romance, because I don’t think there’s anything “splendid” about getting stood up.

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