I’m Treated to TokyoTreat – TheOASG

I’m Treated to TokyoTreat – TheOASG

I'm Treated to TokyoTreat

Back in 2018, I did a round-up of Japanese-inspired subscription boxes, ranging from anime goods to Japanese food to stationary and more. One of these I listed was TokyoTreat, a food-based box offering monthly deliveries of Japanese snacks. I was invited to try a box out by TokyoTreat, and so that’s what I’m covering today.

Disclaimer: I received a box for review purposes.

About TokyoTreat

So here is my excerpt from the Japan-in-a-Box article:

TokyoTreat Japan-in-a-Box Article

The first thing I did was see what has changed. The Premium Box is still $35 with it going to as low as $31.50 with an upfront one-year payment. But where was the cheaper level? There was only an option for Premium.

You can see recent previous shipments on TokyoTreat, and each snack is clearly listed as “Premium” or “Classic”. I did a quick search and found a link where you can subscribe to the Classic Box, and the URL includes the word “promo”. Then I found this:

TokyoTreat Classic Box Ending

It does make sense to just have just one type of box, but I was able to start checking out by finding this hidden link. Not sure if they’ll patch this by the time this article goes live, but I can’t help but wonder what would happen if I were to continue ordering. Maybe there would be a block further on, who knows.

Due to the pandemic, TokyoTreat has changed their shipping methods so that it’s now $12.50 to ship to the US.

But each shipment promises 17 snacks found only in Japan. These include popular brands, drinks, small treats, and more. TokyoTreat accepts most major credit cards as well as PayPal and ships worldwide.

The Box

Here’s TokyoTreat’s Premium Box for September 2021 with the theme “Okinawa Snack-Out”. It was shipped from Japan, and as you can see, my box had a bit of a rough trip.

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