Netflix Announces Brazilian Psychological Thriller Series “Olhar Indiscreto”

A new Brazilian series “Olhar Indiscreto” has been announced by Netflix. The psychological thriller is scheduled for a 2022 release and has already started recording. The show has been created and written by Argentine Marcela Citterio and will star Débora Nascimento (“Avenida Brasil”, “The Incredible Hulk”). Nascimento plays Miranda, an uncontrollable voyeur and extremely skilled hacker. Her routine is to peek through the window at the life of Cléo (Emanuelle Araújo), a luxury prostitute and resident of the building opposite. One day, Cleo knocks on her door and asks Miranda to take care of her dog while she takes a trip. On this same day, the hacker’s fate changes forever and she meets the man of her dreams. But, as in any good thriller, nothing is what it seems to be.

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