‘You’ Season 4: Everything We Know So Far

‘You’ Season 4: Everything We Know So Far

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Ahead of the release of the third season of You, Netflix revealed that they had renewed the beloved crime drama for a fourth season. Below we’ll be keeping track of everything related to season 4 of You, including casting news, production updates, trailer, and most importantly the Netflix release date.

You is a Netflix Original romantic crime drama series created by Greg Berlanti and based on the novels You and Hidden Bodies by author Sera Gamble. The series was originally on Lifetime before Netflix picked up the series as an Original. Once You landed on Netflix, the popularity of the series exploded and was watched by over 54 million households worldwide.

Each season of You has seen Joe move location. The deeply unsettled romantic serial killer has traveled from New York to Los Angeles, to Madre Linda, and finally to Paris, France.

Has Netflix renewed You for season 4?

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Renewed (20/10/2021)

In what was a surprising move made by Netflix, the announcement that You had been renewed for a fourth season came 48 hours before the third season was released.

As one of the most popular Originals of the Netflix library, there was no doubt in that You would not be was always going to be renewed for a fourth season. However, we were expecting the announcement to be made after the third season landed, just in case it spoilt whatever was in store for Joe in season 3.

What to expect from You season 4?

The grand finale of You season 3 saw Joe and Love’s extremely hostile relationship come to a climactic end, with Joe switching continents in order to find his latest obsession, Marianne.

Will “Nick” find Marianne?

Once again, Joe has changed his identity and is now going by the name of Nick. It’s no surprise Joe would have to change his identity considering the name of Joe Goldberg-Quinn is now famous in the USA thanks to Joe successfully pinning all of the Madre Linda murders on Love.

Now that Joe is in Paris, his search for Marianne begins. An expert stalker, if Marianne is indeed in Paris, then Joe will definitely find her sooner rather than later.

you season 4 netflix joe in paris

Joe fleeing to Paris in search of Marianne

Will Marianne even be happy to see Joe?

When Marianne came round to the home and was confronted by Love, Joe was incapacitated at the time. And although Love initially wanted to murder Marianne, it’s thanks to Marianne’s daughter. Juliette. that stayed Love’s hand.

Despite resisting the urge to murder Marianne, it did seem like Love was somewhat able to convince Marianne of Joe’s wrong-doings, and as Marianne never saw Joe incapacitated on the floor of the dining room, it will be his word against Love’s when they meet.

There’s also the chance that Marianne may even believe Joe is dead, assuming that she followed any of the news of Madra Linda, which reported that Joe was one of the victims of Love.

Marianne isn’t stupid. To see Joe in the flesh when he’s supposed to be dead will arouse serious suspicion, not to mention he won’t even have his son, Henry, to which Joe will somehow have to convince Marianne that leaving his son behind was what was best for him.

you season 4 netflix tati gabrielle

Marianne now has her daughter Juliette back thanks to Joe murdering Ryan

Joe’s past finally catches up with him?

From one location to the next, wherever Joe goes, a trail of bodies lie in his wake, even if he didn’t necessarily kill them himself. Given just how many people have died directly or indirectly through Joe will have to catch up with him eventually.

The Parisian police aren’t going to be looking for a dead man, however, if Joe somehow finds himself in custody and the American authorities are contacted, it wouldn’t take long to put two and two together before they realize that Joe faked his death and fled the country.

It then wouldn’t be hard for them to connect all of the murders from Madra Linda, to L.A. and back to his life in New York to then recognize him as a serial killer.

you season 4 netflix joe blood on his hands

Joe has the blood of many people on his hands

Will Joe flee Paris?

There has to be an end of the road for Joe somewhere, and whether or not he finds “the one” won’t matter at all if there’s an international manhunt out for him.

And if all else fails in Paris, then the only option Joe has is potentially fleeing to the Philippines where his “friend” the real Will Bettelheim lives.

you season 4 netflix will bettleheim

Is Will Bettelheim the key for Joe in case he needs to flee Paris?

Which of the cast will be returning for You season 4?

As it currently stands the only confirmed cast member who will be returning for the fourth season of you is Penn Badgley.

We fully expect Tati Gabrielle to reprise her role as Marianne in the upcoming season.

Any new cast updates?

With the series still several weeks or months away from filming, no new cast members have been announced ahead of time.

What is the production status of You season 4?

Official Production Status: Active Development (Last Updated: 18/10/2021)

While the news of renewal is fantastic, we’ve heard little to nothing as to when production will begin on the fourth season.

However, if we follow the timeline of the production of the third season, we may also be able to predict when filming will begin and conclude for You season 4. The third season was confirmed to be in production on November 2nd, 2020, and concluded by April 23rd, 2021.

Assuming the fourth season follows a similar schedule, then we expect to see an announcement made that production of You season 4 has begun in November or December 2021.

Is season 4 the final season of You?

Netflix has not revealed with the renewal announcement if season 4 is the last we’ll see of Joe. So as it stands, there’s a chance we could see even more of You in the near future.

Are you looking forward to watching more of You on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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