Dangers in My Heart Volume 2 Manga Review

Dangers in My Heart Volume 2 Manga Review

The Dangers in My Heart Volume 2

The troubling tales of woe continues for Kyotaro in The Dangers in My Heart volume 2! See, the last time we saw this poor youth, he begins realizing he might actually like Anna Yamada. And while recovering from getting hit by a basketball, the two happen to see each other more often than usual. Yes, she’s still snacking in the library when she shouldn’t be. And Kyotaro’s dark thoughts continue to still exist.

But maybe, just maybe…he can overcome his awkwardness and believe earnestly in finding love with Anna. But first, he’s got to get her out of getting caught for eating snacks in the library. Well, among other events in this volume.

This volume again provides a wealth of activities for these two and their friends to do for all to see. One of the few was when they took a tour of the Akita Shoten office, and either regaled their love for manga (Anna’s friend Moe mentions she knows stuff like Attack on Titan, One Piece, and Hunter x Hunter) or asked about the manga-making process (Kyotaro’s classmate — because they’re definitely not friends — Adachi asks a female editor if creators look at the real thing while drawing a lucky lewd manga. Bro…). Eventually after the experience, Kyotaro and Anna get separated from the group. This should lead to a heart-pounding experience between these two.

Well, it does for one person. The other? Still oblivious, still stuck in the darkness…

That’s one of the bigger arcs between Kyotaro and Yamada, but other chapters continue to enhance their relationship. Some are smaller than others — see when they both happen to ride a bicycle together — but the growing connection between the two starts to become a lot more natural. As you can suspect though, Kyotaro’s confused at Anna seeing him so much, not even noticing her going out of her way to see him. She also isn’t saying anything, but she’s been been comfortable being with him for a while now, and his actions (calming her down by getting her a drink once they got separated from the group after the tour) only enhance her trust of him.

Anyways, that part of this series continues to develop, whether it’s through interactions like when Anna meets Kyotaro with his older sister or through drawings of Anna spilling pruiche (some type of dessert) all over herself with Kyotaro next to her in a position where the teacher can only assume the worst. Eventually, it’ll all lead to these two finally getting to the romance part of this romantic comedy. Maybe the next step is getting a couple of the friends or not friends in this series to grow up. Or maybe someone will push the main leads to getting together…

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