The Dangers in My Heart Volume 3 Manga Review

The Dangers in My Heart Volume 3 Manga Review

The Dangers in My Heart Volume 3

Remember back in the day (ok, volume 1) when Kyotaro just wanted to terrorize his classmates and kill the most popular girl in his class? When Anna didn’t even know who he was? Those sure were the times. Now Anna’s doing almost anything to get to know him even more, while Kyotaro’s…still watching grotesque videos online, but is slowly starting to mellow out of his cringe phase. So he’s growing up!

…Though he still has a ways to go to pick up conversing with others. And not embarrassing himself trying to answer questions he doesn’t really know so the class doesn’t laugh at his futile attempts.

The Dangers in My Heart’s third volume continues bringing two seemingly unlikely people together — the tall, popular Anna and the short, always cynical Kyotaro — but in ways that remain a combination of funny and surprisingly wholesome at times. This time, while we all know of Kyotaro’s penchant for embarrassment (either from something he does or sees from Anna), this time, Anna finds herself all sorts of flustered. After the events of volume 2, she’s starting to see Kyotaro as more than just a friend, but her actions in this volume (denies emphatically that she has a boyfriend in his presence, ends up visiting him when he’s sick) are totally oblivious to our main male lead. Naturally, while he is emotionally affected because a beautiful girl is talking to him, he can only think it’s usually bad or there’s another motive in play.

That motive part ends up coming to a head when Kyotaro then believes, after all this time, Anna’s using him to ward off potential guys. What happens after this is where the pair finally start to move towards accepting each other romantically. Well, it’s still not official of course, but Kyotaro’s many walls to ward off human interactions is starting to relent, and soon enough it’ll turn to infatuation. Meanwhile Anna only continues to enjoy being with Kyotaro, which is why when he starts avoiding her in the library, she starts realizing something has changed and it’s gotta be solved.

The chapters are again quick and to the point, filled with more commentary from Anna’s friends, Anna attempting to sneak candy at the oddest of times, and lewd jersey-swapping (well, not actually lewd, but in Kyotaro’s mind, accidentally swapping with Anna leads to him doing a lot of thinking). This volume also features a parent-teacher conference that Kyotaro is mortified of — but it at least leads to Anna meeting his mom. I’m counting on mother enjoying these two actually getting together at some point. But until then, we are next given a preview of the two meeting in Shibuya, so we’ll continue to see how these two will grow in volume 4.

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